Thursday, May 27, 2010

My man, Lucas, is on his way to stardom! We hope.

No, really! Lucas Ernst (a.k.a. Lou Ryan to his music fans) has been involved in three more projects as of late, all of which you can watch on this post!
` First of all, he stars in a surprisingly good short film, in which he shows off his acting ability, stunt capabilities, and, his Sex A-peel, all in the span of five minutes!

With all that action going on, including the special effects, it's hard to believe all that was 'thrown together' in only two days! That's why it's called the 48-hour Film Festival, and I think it's going to win some prizes!

Lucas also shows off his martial arts skills as the 'dancing janitor' in this made-for Microsoft Office 2010 TV commercial, by a different producer.
` Though it became viral on the internet and was favored overwhelmingly by the public, it only came in second place in the contest -- in other words, it still lost. No prize money for poor us! You know, something about 'production value' or some rubbish.

So, I'd say he makes a fairly decent sexy action star, as well as a playful, mop-twirling janitor genius. But, does he also make a good drugged-out loser?
` Well, view the trailer for a hopefully-upcoming TV show tentatively entitled 'Hump City' (which apparently shrinks during the embedding process) and decide for yourself!

Upcoming Pinprick Films Web Comedy Project from Pinprick Films on Vimeo.

Uncanny, is he not?

I hope this makes up for my having slacked off on this blog once more -- but you know, life has been excessively busy, for both of us! Luckily, that's mostly been a good thing.


Middle Ditch said...

I promise to have a look during half term when I'm not so busy.

S E E Quine said...

Thanks ^^

Middle Ditch said...

Well done to Lucas. Really enjoyable

S E E Quine said...

I'll tell him you said that!

Wow... this was my last post and already it's July! I'd better do another post!