Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Corrigendopedia illustrations... I mean, 'drawrings'!

I told you I'd be back!

I've just been, you know, busy with college and then other web projects that have higher priority than this one. Yeah, that whole thing. And life, too. I just saw my friends at the library for the first time in weeks!

But, enough about little old me! Let's look at what else I have on the Corrigendopedia so far!

This is one of the first drawrings I put up on the Corrigendopedia; an ostrich turning his egg.

a-s 021 Male Ostrich turning egg

It is the illustration for the page Fast Facts and Trivia: How much of it is true? (Not much, it turns out!) It's extremely fun, if lengthy, and... let's just say, I learned more about ostriches than I ever thought could be true in my dispelling myths about them.

This 'drawring' is a harvestman or 'daddy longlegs' arachnid.

jan 118 Opilionid and its lack of venom

As with the ostriches and other things, I similarly learned much more than I thought possible about harvestmen (Opiliones), and all about their poisonous secretions on two glands above the mouth (it's not venom, though).
` I talk about them as well as people who have inferiority complexes in the article Opie-WHAT-o-knees? Arachnids and my personal struggle for 'just the facts'.

It's also fun. And neurotic. It'll make your ears bleed.

My final drawring for this post doesn't have an article yet, but it's about the time one of my instructors started telling the class all about pi, and then started talking about how it's the Golden Ratio, which is actually phi, so I tried to tell her they are two separate numbers, but she didn't believe me....

dec 177 Pi versus Phi

The ironic thing is, she was touting this book The Golden Ratio: The story of PHI, the world's most amazing number, and she was holding it in her hands, and it had a picture of a phi (along with phi-filling) on the cover and she didn't realize it!

How humiliating!

Luckily, the next day at school, she realized her error and reported this to the class. I guess you could say it was one of many 'corrigenda' I did at college, but it was the only one with such a positive outcome.

She was so cool!

As I've mentioned, the article that this picture goes to has not actually been typed in and properly written yet, but I have quite a bit of it on paper!

That's basically all I have on the Corrigendopedia for now. These drawings and their respective articles can be found in the section 'Is that a Fact?', which I am currently organizing and building onto, and may be a lot more complete in the near future.

Next post... I'm doing those drawrings I drewr from childhood! And I'm not doing them by age-group either, but instead, by subject matter.